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SALVATION --- Are we worth saving ?!?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Matthew 16:26 {King James version}


Do we care about Our salvation?

For the creatures, each other, the earth?

Is it purely for the afterlife?

Does it not matter how WE* live?

Or is it just the aftermath of oligarchs gone wild,

with profit for the powerful and plunder for the Poor?

Are Americans so privileged,

that WE need not question why or how?

Or, what it means to act in self-defense,

For being oppressed and excluded,

controlled, confined, and deluded.

Believing or not, it’s what they deserve,

yes, perhaps, just desserts were won.

But, it’s not OUR war, you scream,

as bombs explode over there.

But it Never truly is, you see?

So, the people must be convinced,

quick, start the propaganda machine,

begin the censorship.

Now, the Masses are restless,

The Masters must act post-haste,

create another crisis, distraction, or disaster,

Better yet, start another War to take the Power back,

and return them to their places.

As if the Elite, White leaders ever lost it,

NO, history repeats

in patterns and continuities.

Power exercises its privileges,

and, takes, and takes, and, takes!

While the people give, and give, and give.

Will WE never learn?

Not, if they have their way, they'll say.

By now, the Poor should know their place.

So too, should the peoples of color, Blacks,

And Indigenous.

Why, if not, we'll simply stick them in prison.

Oh, surely the masses will believe

what they’re told,

Indeed, they’ll seek out redemption,

From the Masters who hold all controls.

Don’t worry, we’ll continue to whitewash history,

No one truly cares to read the truth, anyway.

If we don’t teach the children CRT,

they will never raise a doubt.

But, behold, The Masters are afraid.

Lo, the people are peeking beyond the veil

and, reading between the lines.

They question the official narratives, and

rebuke the patented lies.

NO, the past won’t be repeated,

The people must stand up and say.

WE can take our Power back,

but WE must stand together,

WE are so much stronger that way.

Breaking through boundaries and borders,

Joining hearts, heads, and hands,

Seeking salvation in each other,

WE will stand strong, together, as One.

WE, now, a Tribe of Many, a global human family,

living and acting in Peace, Love, and Harmony.

*WE in all caps denotes the common People of the world.

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