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Julie Banks Lewis is an outspoken advocate for single mothers, the Poor, Blacks, the Disabled, Indigenous Peoples, POC, and numerous other marginalized groups. She advocates for understanding, compassion, peace, and love; she advocates for all the children and creatures who have no choice and no voice. She advocates for lasting and sustainable change for Our World.


Julie Banks Lewis is an advocate for eco-politico-socio-economic justice and universal human rights, and an agent of change. She is passionate about inclusiveness, equality, fairness, and justice. She is an outspoken advocate for those who historically have had no voice and too often, very little choice.

Women’s groups, social justice groups, homeless organizations, climate change, immigrant/migrant workers, LGBTQIA+ and local movements for accountability to Blacks and Indigenous peoples are just some of the myriad causes that Ms. Lewis advocates for. As an advocate, she seeks to inform and engage the people, inspiring connection. As an Agent of social change, she encourages unity and solidarity toward mass collective direct action for systemic changes.

Julie Banks Lewis looks forward to being an integral part of advancing the needs of the underprivileged where they live. She is available as an advocate and agent of social change in the forms of interviews and speaking engagements. She can design a program specific to the knowledge you are interested in learning and sharing in the form of an interactive workshop or virtual learning session.

  • As an Advocate/Agent of Change, Julie Banks Lewis is available for the following:

    • for print publications - Julie Banks Lewis is available for commentary and quotes

    • for articles or research - Julie Banks Lewis is available for short articles, reviews, recommendations, rebuttals

    • More extensive articles and/or research may be arranged for a fee.

    • for podcasts – virtual and local

    • for interviews – radio and print


Unless otherwise noted, Ms. Lewis provides her time and expertise for the following at no cost: women’s groups, non-profits, book clubs, and service clubs.


To contact Julie Banks Lewis, please visit our contact page.

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