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War is hell for everyone! Or is it?

The US answers bombs with Sanctions, because, we’re told,

we’ll cause them pain, where it counts, in their wallets,

where they may keep their money, but not their wealth.

Our President says, we’ll take from the rich,

the Russian oligarchs will pay,

never mind, they’re multi-national citizens,

only Russian, for today.

They owe no allegiance to the Motherland,

sovereignty is theirs alone,

and lives lost, not their concern.

Do none of our lives matter, no, nor do yours,

to the oligarchs who own America today,

and tomorrow, the world.

On the marketplace, now the world stage,

the rich can buy anything,

it’s the people, who pay,

but they can’t get what they want.

Not even the truth, it’s for sale in the news,

Still, we buy what we're sold, and pay for it, too.

Wait, look there now, the insurgents are resisting, they rebel,

and they tell us, they fight for their freedom.

And, for ours, from tyranny, from a distance,

but the world is so small, it can’t happen here,

no, not in this place, not ever.

So, we believe what they tell us, the official narrative,

telling us what we know, how to act, who to believe.

We who are hungry, will join in their war,

not because we agree, but we have nothing more,

then to believe in a lie like ones told before,

and then, when we again, have war.

Then, they'll tell us, we're needed, valued, expected,

to lay down our lives, for reasons,

not our own, but from those elected.

It’s the greatest honor, we acknowledge, yes,

everyone knows, to die on the battlefield,

give your life for a cause.

War is Hell for everyone, women, and children, included,

but for the men who run the world, war is capital-driven.

And, those who cash in on death and destruction,

have nothing and no one to lose,

their glory is not found on the front lines,

they watch from the back,

and celebrate victory,

counting their money.

This war, though unlike any other,

remains the same, in motive and plunder,

control of global resources is their aim,

and to them, after all, it is simply a game.

And, after the next war is said and done,

innocents killed, far-away nations overrun,

those guys who own and run the world,

will pat each other on their backs,

and say once again, "Well done!"

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