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Compelling Hearts, Challenging Minds, Connecting Lives

Welcome to my blog! This is a space for expanding the ways we think and feel about each other and how we treat one another.

This is a space of learning, exploring, understanding, and sharing.

This is a space for deconstructing the why’s and how’s of what has been

and still is in terms of structural inequalities and power dynamics.

This is also a space for rethinking, re-imagining, and recreating our world

with systems which uphold the basic dignity of every human being.

This space is critical if we are to find common ground and move forward in peace toward creation of a new vision for our world. Set against the human crises of the past year, uncertainties of social and economic conditions in the coming years, and ecological concerns in the wake of environmental disasters, the tasks before us may seem monumental, but I believe we can make change happen.

We must make change happen!

Join me here each week and we will explore how power dynamics and structural inequalities are created and maintained. We will examine how the social system of Patriarchy, economic system of Capitalism, and the political system of a not-quite-Democracy contribute to privilege and oppression. We will examine how hierarchical classifications put and keep people in their places and how ideologies keep peoples divided and separated. We will consider patterns and continuities in historical narratives and today. We will discover answers to questions of Who Wins, Who Loses, and Who Decides and determine how best to challenge the current power structure.

But, most importantly, I hope to challenge minds, compel hearts, and connect lives so that we may begin building bridges of understanding toward creating an equitable and sustainable future for all peoples and our Mother Earth. Toward those ends, I need YOU --- I need to hear from You, what makes you feel angry, sad, hopeless? Your voice matters on this forum. Let's figure out solutions to our crises together.

Thank you for being here! I look forward to our conversations!

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